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19-Jul-2016 14:45

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If you’re from a different religious background to your prospective date, then respecting their beliefs will be important in building a lasting relationship, but it’s also crucial to be open about your own beliefs to avoid any miscommunication. Would your partner object to a romance with someone who may not follow any religion at all?

These are areas where openness is a must when you start to get serious about the person you’re dating.

Below are some tips to make sure that dating someone from a different culture is plain sailing and that you and your partner are on the same page as you embark on your romantic voyage together.

Asia is home to a range of world religions, including Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim.

The Parental Influence Like many Chinese parents, mine only expected the best – the best grades, the best schools, the best jobs, and the best husband who shared those same qualities.

Plus, the old conceptions of “Trong Nam Khinh Nu” [Respect Male, Disrepect Female] and “Chong Chua, Vo Toi” [Husband Master, Wife Servant] have further put the weights onto the Vietnamese women’s shoulders to the point that some of them just wish for an escape.From parental pressures to societal stereotypes, get a first hand perspective on Chinese dating in America right here!By Katherine Chong In America, the Chinese community is represented by all walks of life – educated and unschooled, Buddhist and Christian, immigrant and American-born, first generation to sixth.Is this the first time you’ve dated someone who comes from a different culture to your own?

If you’re interested in Asian dating then learning all about your date’s beliefs and background beforehand is a great way to start.They seek material comfort and more important, a way to save their parents from a life in extreme poverty, which many Vietnamese consider their greatest duty.

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