Updating graphics card mac

07-Jul-2016 15:23

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My expectations revolve around whether Nvidia releases graphic driver updates for Mac and how to check for pending updates. I tried to make this more about one-question-per-question.Could you perhaps edit the title to reflect what you seek to learn?For more information about how to find out what graphics card you have in your PC, click here.Once you know the kind of graphics card you have, visit the manufacturer's website to download the latest driver.In the vast majority of cases, you won't be able to upgrade the graphics card on your Mac.There are exceptions, but even then it's not trivial or recommended for most users.

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Updating drivers can often correct odd visual behaviors such as freezing, artifacts, model slicing, and slow performance.To download and install the drivers, follow the steps below: STEP 1: Make sure your Mac OS X software version is v10.11.1 (15B42).It is important that you check this first before you install the 3f02 Driver.STEP 2: If your OS X software version has not been updated, in the About This Mac window, click on the Software Update button STEP 3: Continue to install software updates until your system OS is reported to be v10.11.1 (15B42) STEP 4: Review the NVIDIA Software License.

Check terms and conditions checkbox to allow driver download.

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