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To accelerate the transfer of troops between future fronts, Schlieffen advised the Kaiser to build efficient railroads to move troops easily from east to west. Despite having a strong, well trained navy, the British had a very weak army that would not pose a particularly strong threat to German land forces.Therefore, Schlieffen surmised that it was not necessary to defeat Britain , it was only necessary to ensure that Britain would be unable to utilize its strengths.He therefore advised Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz to build up the German supply of war ships known as dreadnaughts.

The event has been getting bigger every year so I’m really looking forward to going back again.” “This is certainly one of the most difficult tracks for me to talk about as I have never been there or done it on the sim yet.To date, Russia has used its planes to assist the Assad regime from its own bases in southern Russia and, since September 2015, from the Hmeimim air base near Latakia in Syria.The southern Russian bases lie some 3,000 km from Syria, while flying the planes out of Hamadan cuts the route to Syrian targets down to only 700 km.“We are currently observing the USA’s aggressive actions, both in regards of Russia and China.

I believe that Russia and China can create an alliance before which NATO would be weak, and this would put an end to the imperialist ambitions of the West” stated Xi Jinping.

But Iran, in the post- Islamic Revolution era, has never allowed another country to station military troops on its soil, especially not Russia, given Iran’s lingering suspicions of its intentions.

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