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The Sverdrup relation (Beta*V=Curl[tau]) only describes the interior circulation of an ocean, integrated west from the eastern boundary to just inside the western boundary.

It explicitly does not encompass the western boundary currents, because as a westward integral it does not include the physics of the boundary layer, which must involve some other dynamics (in various models lateral friction, nonlinearity, eastward-propagating short Rossby waves).

In previous studies, 14 C and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) have been the main dating methods employed.

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So, I'm basically a hermit who does not go clubbing or anything that normal people do. So I am like the only woman I know who resorts to meeting friends and guys off the internet.

I'm not working or in school so I can't meet people through there. Friends are fairly easy for me to find on Meetup, but for some reason, dates are harder...

I never like anybody on the main dating sites (Okcupid, plentyoffish, etc.)..surprisingly, I have had better luck meeting people that I like on Craigslist.

So there are some decent people on I'm going paranoid and thinking maybe I just lucked out with him?

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I've been emailing and texting a new guy I met via CL and he is going to pick me up and take me to his place (I presume that's where we are going) tonight. First thought: If you feel like you need to be armed...the **** are you going out with him?

Meanwhile, the survival of fossil shells requires particular environmental conditions.