Lina and mark cam video

06-Aug-2016 21:29

In those records, Shaver appeared panicked, even pleading for the officer not to shoot him.

Brailsford told investigators that Shaver, who is from Granbury, Texas, was ordered to crawl toward officers with his hands on the ground.

MANILA, Philippines—Justice Secretary Leila De Lima’s alleged illicit affairs with certain men, including a married driver, were named in an affidavit that Sandra Cam has submitted to the Commission on Appointments (CA) to oppose de Lima’s confirmation.

Cam, president of the Whistleblowers Association of the Philippines, was among those opposing De Lima’s confirmation.

"Once fire crews arrived on scene, they found the engine compartment fully involved with fire, fire venting to both wheel wells.

The grille shell and bumper had melted away and were effectively burning puddles beneath vehicle," Spokane police said in a release. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Officer Schwering reunited with the woman on Sunday.

The heart-pounding incident was captured on the officer’s body camera. It shows Officer Tim Schwering hit the driver’s side window repeatedly in an attempt to break it and grab the woman inside the car. Friday to a report of a woman trapped inside a burning car on Spokane's north side.

Apesar das medidas de segurança adotadas pelo criador da rede social, criminosos invadiram as contas do Twitter e Pinterest de Zuckerberg.