Ideas on updating older bank buildings

18-Mar-2016 08:16

Additional high-rises are located on Ap Lei Chau, along Hong Kong Island's southern shoreline and areas in proximity to stations of the Mass Transit Railway (MTR).

Each evening, at least 44 skyscrapers and buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour light up in a synchronised show called A Symphony of Lights, named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest permanent light and sound festival in the world.

Garage doors can make up a large portion of your home's exterior design, and if facing the street, they may be the first thing visitors see.

Here are some tips on how your doors can enhance your home's style.

You will be spending a while inside, so, if it is hot, bring a fan to cool you down or be resigned to frequent beverage breaks. Next, sliding doors on tin sheds are uniformly awful, so we remove them and the mechanisms and reinforce the doorframe with 2x4's on each side up to the top of the opening, which is usually a lip in the tin.

You can just screw these right to the tin where the strapping from the next step will be.

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We want updates that all of us can do, not just those handy do-it-yourselfers. Let’s look at 10 imaginative ways to update your home without tearing down walls or breaking the bank.

I just let it dry and sanded if areas were not smooth and I bought a heavy wallpaper (Sherwin Williams) that was discounted and wallpapered my whole living room. I hate dark paneling because I want as much of the sunlight and light as possible. I think I used about 5 to 6 gallons on a 14 x 70 trailer. I used one that was supposed to cover with one coat.

I just bought wallpaper paste and put it up as usual. For the outside, I washed with a pressure washer, which you can rent. I only put one coat on and I wished later I had put on two coats. I otherwise find decorating things at resale stores and yard sales.

Cathy In my bedroom of our 1976 mobile home, we removed the built-in drawer unit/vanity in the master bedroom to make use of "outdated" space.

We then covered the brown paneled walls and closet doors with inexpensive paintable textured wallpaper.Next thing to do is to horizontally strap the inside and outside of the shed (with 1x2's to save money) or (to save hassle) wider pieces like a 2x4 or 1x6 fence boards for ease of placing the screws. After the fact, my partner noted that if you use 2x4's you can put big nails in them to hang things, or even install SHELVING on them in your next project.