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Most of them don’t make it, but this show has beaten all the odds.

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After graduating from NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts), he began his career in Australian television and film productions.

Some of his TV credits include roles in Black Jack: Sweet Science, Love Bytes and White Collar Blue.

We've sort of built up this idea up over a couple of episodes of [Danny's daughter] Grace having a boyfriend and nobody knowing who it is.

In August 2013, Los Angeles, California based charity, "Australians in Film" selected him to be honored with their "Breakthrough Award" at a special ceremony to be held in October 2013 in Los Angeles.

, entitled “Ka makuahine a me ke keikikane” (which is Hawaiian for “Mother and Son”), Five-0 must team up to free Steve Mc Garrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) mother, Doris (Christine Lahti), when Catherine (Michelle Borth) informs them that she’s been captured. That’s a big milestone that very few TV series ever get to anymore.